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Specialty in Jelutong Market at night, Penang

This is something I would be craving for if I am hungry when close to midnight at Jelutong Market.

Penang's Hokkien Mee (RM 3.80) or Kl's people like to call it Prawn mee. yummy! We have ordered big bowl due to its small portion. I find the soup more gravy and has stronger taste close to midnight.

They sell Loh Mee too.

Mat Tou yau dessert! Big bowl for sharing of two with bow full of ingredients. Its was great enjoyment having this than having dessert at fine dining restaurant. 

Mat Tou Yau Dessert  乜都有糖水  has another outlet at Terrenganu Road. You can find them at night market such as Farlim & Perak Road night market too.

Colourful eye-catching ingredient for the desserts. You get all of them in just one bowl. Kids and girls certainly love it.

Fried mee hun (RM 4.00) is another good option too. I love the wook hei in the dishes. The mee hun is freid with fresh prawn, fish ball, chicken pieces, sprouts and most important of all-> egg.

My way of having it is stir the mee hun with the sambal.

They serve fried tang hoon, fried rice, friend koay teow and fried bee thai bak too.

Indian's fresh cow's milk (RM 1.50), tauke tarik it before it is served. You may try out their egg milk (RM 2.00). Ya, tauke will crack a fresh egg into the milk and then tarik them.

Hussain's charcoal Mee Goreng (RM 3.50). having the 'wok hei' created by the charcoal. It was quite spicy however the whole dish taste just fine. There is still room for improvement. I wonder is it due to the main chef wasn't there.

Nasi Kandar Jelutong has been operating for at least 10 years, people from the neighborhood love to take away their curry and chicken as extra dishes for their dinner. We ordered fried chicken, steam egg, vegetables and kuah campur for RM 6. The curry was so good that we requested add on.

Jelutong Market @ Night
Jalan Penaga, 11600 Jelutong, Penang
Operation hours: Around 6pm till 12am


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