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Pamper myself with Sushi Zanmai

I am damn in love with the sushi from Sushi Zanmai ! The best sushi I ever had in Malaysia.

Everytime visiting this restaurant, I am sure I need to queue up. T.T Too bad I didn't take photo of the long queue because I sneak out to shop in Paradigm mall while mystery man helping us to queue up. "evil smile"

Sorry! Steal the restaurant's photo from Sushi Zanmai fabebook webpage. (*^▽^*)

I suspect they design the shop in this way so that customers can sit down on the bench while queueing up for their turn to enjoy the sushi. 

Every month, they have specialty of the month for us to try out. Feb is the month of Chinese New Year, specialty of the month? Of course! Wont missed out Yee Sang. 

Now, share some humble photos of the food that I ordered. (#^.^#)

Inari and Tamago. 

Shrimp hand roll..slurrp!!

Shit! I forgot the name of this dishes already! But I do remember it is yummy!

Spicy salmon sushi. 

Oyster steamboat with udon. (Forgot the name of this dishes as well) ヽ(´ー`)

There are 15 outlets in Malaysia but they are only situated in Penang, KL and Selangor. 
Hope they can open more branches in other state as well. 

I am sure that I am going to visit Sushi Zanmai again !!

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