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Nanoblock ~ Schloss Neuschwanstein

Lego should be every kids childhood memories. Well recently I found nano block quite interesting! 

When I found this nanoblock at Gurney Plaza Popular Bookstore, I am so excited! So many choices there. I wish I can buy all go home as collection. But...It is really expensive.

Eventually! I chose Schloss Neuschwanstein castle to take back home! Using Ah Jip Gor RM 50 dollars voucher. Muahaha!

Time for picture sharing session! ><

Hehe before unwrap this precious and the first nanoblock, capture a photo as memories! WUHOO!

Nanoblock completed by mystery man!

Front view of our castle.

Left view..those trees are self modified by mystery man.

Back view..haha

Right view.

Our castle handsome right? 
Haha anticipate for next nanoblock!


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  2. Wow, excellent figures. I love them all and as well as Nano blocks. I and my younger sister always love to shape different thing with my Nano blocks mini that I have collected from at PIJ. its really amazing to have this one.

  3. Thanks for your complement! Enjoyed the process of building up the shape with nano blocks to the MAX! haha Hope to collect more and decorate them all nicely in window cabinet. ^^