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First Complete Home Cook in Penang

Due to mystery man fall sick badly, and do not want to eat the food cooked by "Big Chef", thus I have the chance to show off my cooking skill.

Opss!~ Please do not vomit?!

Sick people should eat baby porridge.. *evil smile*

Haha..very plain baby porridge. Too bad I din made the carrot soft enough.

Second days, proceed to rice.

Lady's finger cooked with baby corn and a lot of chilli. Wow! So spicy until I cant withstand. However, It still loose to that Super Malak Taiwan Sausage from Melaka. Hahaha...

A simple ABC soup, without adding any meat or bone. Purely vegetarian soup. Haha.. *wink*

Simple home cook dinner. Fully vegetarian and healthy. ^^ 
Mystery man praise these foods very delicious!


  1. lol the porridge seems a lil too dry eh! i dislike corn! haha especially with other food! but ur cooking method like malay style eh? haha vegetarian! good for health! but too spicy not good for ur stomach la! malak sumore! =S

  2. Hey jsut notice your comment..haha ya lo that porridge too dry so I did add on water afterwards. Haha aiyo where got malay style! Hehe I love spicy food..the more spicy the more delicious ><