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Chinese New Year 团拜

This Chines New Year is a marvellous new year! My friend and I sit bus to Kuala Lumpur, and then go down to Melaka with a bunch of friends by cars. It is a exciting trip. We visit house by house to get ang pao!

See? So many Ang Pao taken for two persons..haha Happy!

These are beautiful red packet I got from this trip. I love to collect red packet!

Hehe I have taken some picture from this trip..Lets have a looks! ^^

When we arrive KL, cheated by our friend to simply find a stall to eat first, so we simply eat economy rice at 茨场街.

This 麻辣板面 very not nice .

This iKar restaurant have variety of  鱼头米粉, got cheese, ginger, black pepper, alcohol and many many more. Too bad we are too full to eat, just taste them only.

Too bad we reach Klang at night. Klang do not have delicious Bah Kut Teh at night, so we ate at Ah Tao Seafood Bah Kut Teh..
Well..the taste super normal..I can find better Bah Kut teh in Penang.

Visit 東禪寺 at night..quite a beautiful place. A Chinese style I-city..

A lot beautiful Tanglung with lighting displayed there.

Beautiful lighting.

A very cute 西施 at our friend house at Kepong. 

He is so cute.. I cant help playing with him!

A so call "Special" breakfast recommended by our friend at this De Pastry Chef.

This breakfast not bad..just too expensive..I prefer taste local food at Kepong.

This 姨婆老鼠粉 super nice! Too bad I not manage capture its photo.

Thsi Nadeje reknown for its layer cake.

Rum Raisin Layer Cake..quite nice..put the cake in mouth, can feel its layers in my mouth..NICE!

I like cheese cake very much so I order White Chocolate Cheese Cake but who knows it don have the layering inside. >< So I only order rum raisin layer cake.

This satay celup from Ban Lee Siang super nice! It is actually Lok Lok but just the soup is satay sauce. Special!

This old Newton have a very special food hidden there.. What is it?!

Tada! Super Malak Taiwan Sausage..wow its is the most spicy sausage I ever ate. My tongue lost feeling for very long time after ate it. My tears cant help dropping down. It has double super malak sausage..uhmm..

The next day, we went to Jonker street have a walk. This street full of antique houses. At night, there will be night market held along the road from Friday to Sunday.

First time come to Melaka, sure have to try on 鸡饭粒. We went to have鸡饭粒 at 和鸡饭粒园记. Well, I still prefer normal chicken rice and its chicken taste normal only. Kind of disappointed.

This huge dragon hang on the air of Jonker street.  Beautiful! Behind there has 三叔公 shop. We went in and try all samples and coffee. Yippie! Its coffee quite ncie.

古色古香 Jonker Street.

Try gula melaka cendol at this shop, Jonker 88.

Durian cendol..yum yum! Gula Melaka taste very nice but just the green jelly taste not nice. Still prefer Penang Road Cendol.

Normal cendol..taste ok.

Have a try on Melaka laksa..hm this Baba Nyonya Laksa taste normal.

Nice antique house design.

A lot money with same series of number selling there. This one dollars notes cost for RM950! @@ Will you buy?

好吃 came visit this cafe!

This Christ Church, famous fountain are the must visit place.

A so call 白宫 called by our Melaka tour. Hahaha!

These stone is digged out.

Human made attraction.

Wind mill..lovely

A high class hotel called Casa Del Rio situated along Melaka River.

Tourist can enjoy River Cruise for sightseeing Melaka Beautiful antique view.

Saw the river cruise speeding back?

Maritime Museum & Naval Museum closed during rainy day.

Menara Taming Sari

This tower is the first and only gyro tower in Malaysia and it can rotate 360 degree to see whole Melaka. Amazing!

At night, we went to eat satay and Chary Kuoy Teow at Tampin. That stall very lan c. Open at 12pm, totally self service. Open table and chair your own, take water and ice your own. If they too busy, you have to cut cucumber and BBQ the satay yourself. Lan C huh?!

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