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Cooking Life In University

Since I do not need to be held prison in University's hostel, I can enjoy my cooking life without worries!

For my whole life, I not even know how to cook rice

But now I can cook for my living.

Thanks for my university who kicked me from hostel with no mercy!

Now, I become better cooker! (Ahem..Really?)

Here, I would like to share some of the simple dishes I mastered.


Due to easy access to vegetable at my area, so there would be a lot dishes in vegetables only.

Bok Choy is cooked with baby corn and chili. The sauce used is oyster sauce.

Potato leaves is cooked with ikan bilish and chicken mince in oyster sauce. Yummy!

My favourite broccoli cooked with carrot and mushroom. Again, cooked with oyster sauce. Oyster sauce is a very useful sauce for cooking.

Broccoli again! But this time I cooked it with carrot, big onion, abalone mushroom and chili. YUM YUM!

White Choy Sum just cooked with oyster sauce and chili. It taste simple and delicious enough! I can just eat it without rice.

This choy sum is cooked with same style like the white choy sum showned above.

Another one of my favourite. LADY's FINGER!! Here is the very simple cooking way. Just cooked it with oyster sauce and chili. If the chili is spicy one, WOW!! Taste more perfect!!

How about sambal? This is my another attempt cooking lady's finger with sambal. I add on baby corn. The results taste nice.

I want it to be more colourful. Therefore, I add on carrot!

Hmm...how about just carrot but cooked it with sambal? This time, I steamed the lady's finger and carrot and then poor the sauce. Hmm..the vege seem not fully absorb the sambal..Thus...

This time, I steamed the vege, then cooked it with a lot sambal again. WOW!! SPICY BURNING on my tongue! This is the perfect result I have long waiting. MUAHAHA!


Okay, enough with the vegetable. I should learn more on cooking chicken.

Everyone's favourite! Curry chicken! I cooked the chicken with potato, carrot, big onion and tomato. The curry and santan I used is instant one. (^_^)

Meat Floss Curry Potato.. new attempt.

How about I wish to eat curry but I do not have chicken? No worry! I cooked the instant curry paste with potato, carrot, tomato and big onion. TADA! My vegetarian CURRY!

I do not know the name of this chicken. I would like to call it own recipe chicken. The sauce i made is very nice to eat with rice. It includes soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, tomato sauce and pepper. Don be scare by the number of sauce i added! (^_^) They all mix perfectly together.

Ginger chicken. I fried the ginger first, then I only cook the chicken with the fried ginger and soy sauce. The chicken I used is boneless.

Red Bean

Canned red bean always my favourite since I was small. I cooked it with potato, carrot and big onion. I found carrot is a must have ingredient in kitchen.


I so like Japanese Taufu. Therefore, I decided to try cooked it myself. First I fried the taufu first. WOW! The oil keep jump to my hand. PAIN! Then, I cooked it with mushroom, colour bean, tomato and soy sauce. Taste not bad. (^_^)


How should I call it? Potato Chicken Mince? HAHA.. First, i fried the potato, then chicken mince with egg. After that, I add carrot and big onion to them. Eventually, I put soy sauce. WOW! Taste just like my home cook. (^_^)


Cabbage soup. I cooked it with carrot and chicken bone. Add my favourite garlic chives.

I don have bone. Don't be afraid. I just cook the cabbage with carrot and tomato. Then put some salt, soy sauce and pepper. It already taste nice enough.

Bean soup. I do not know the name of this bean but this soup is simple. I just need to cook it with chicken mince and add on some flavoring will do.

ABC soups. Simple and delicious soup. Even adult and kids also love it. Simple ingredient like potato, carrot, tomato and big onion and flavoring can produce this soup.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is simple. It can be played around with the ingredient you remained.

Mix vege fried rice I would love to address this. I just fried the overnight rice with colour bean, white choy sum, chicken mince and big onion.

Black soy vegetable fried rice. I fried the rice with long bean, cabbage, carrot, baby corn with oyster sauce and black soy sauce. Simple and nice. (Although most of my friend claims it is not simple because so many ingredient included. ><)

Cabbage fried rice. I add on raisin, carrot and mushroom. This time, I try the sauce with oyster sauce, chili and tomoto sauce. Hm..taste nice too!

Same way of cooking but just change the cabbage to broccoli. Delicious!

Pineapple fried rice!! My favourite! After consult my mom, eventually I manage to produce a successful pineapple fried rice. The ingredient includes luncheon meat, pineapple, raisin, big onion and chili powder. MARVELOUS!


Century egg porridge. I include carrot, potato, chicken mince and ginger. (Just ignore the celery. I too love celery until put too much to my porridge)

Long bean porridge? Actually this porridge is 'inspired' by my lazyness of fried the long bean with egg. I straight throw the long bean into porridge. It taste fine for me but it depends on people.


Instant noodle is university's life must have food. Since I moved out from hostel. I can add on a lot ingredient to my boring instant mee. So, I add on carrot, baby corn, mushroom and chili. Chili made the korean mee more spicy. YUMMY!

This is the most luxurious instant noodle I ever had. (^_-)

Tomyam noodle. The noodle is cooked with tomyam paste I bought separately. Then, I add on carrot, mushroom, tomato and big onion. Most important! Small chili! (^_−)−

Another attempt on tomyam noodle with cabbage.

This post will be updated soon I have better dishes to add on. Stay tune. (#^.^#)


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