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Lof Bakery @ Sarawak

Lof bakery  was started since 2008 at Delima Square (Opposite Hua Ho Delima), Brunei Darussallam. The other 3 outlets at Brunei is at Yayasan, Kiulap (Opposite Teguh Raya) and Times Square Shopping Centre.

First Malaysian Outlet is opened at Song Plaza, Kuching. Now, I would like to introduce you all the second outlet at Stutong. Lof Bakery has variety of breads, cakes and cookies. All breads are packed nicely and looks tempting. Besides that, there are cafe for you to enjoy Vietnam coffee.

Lof Cafe & Bakery, Stutong Branch

Front door, it's theme using my favourite colour -> orange.

Before you enter it's shop, you already can feel the beautiful of bread.

When I reach around 8pm, those bun and donut almost finish selling. 

Nice roll cakes, layer cakes and some small cookies.

Cup cakes, chocolate brownies and many small cakes. Good to have as dessert!

Different types of cookies available for you to choose.

Those cakes looks so delicious in the fridge. They are shouting to us take me home!!

It's Time To Take A Bread


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