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Kota Kinabalu @ Sabah

Boring of campus life in Kuching? 

Take a break at Kota Kinabalu (KK)!

Nice scenery at KK

This place nearby Filipino market.

Nice view in early morning.


A must eat local food 生肉面!

Delicious soup with pork and meatball.

Duck Mee

My first attempt on duck mee, taste delicious. It is located at 京华餐厅.

The duck and its sauce very nice but too bad it mix with white rice only.


兴旺板面 at Damai.

Waiting our mee to arrive.

干的板面, yummy! Just the mee itself already nice enough!

汤的板面, tasted delicious as well especially the ikan bilis. Wow! Crunchy!

Delicious 板面 cannot missed with garlic chili. ;p

Milky Tomyam Mee

This tomyam mee with milk at Jin Jin Seafood restaurant came in very big bowl. It is very spicy and burned my lips, tongue, throat and stomach. After finish eating..I can feel there like somebody putting a small fire burning under my stomach killing me slowly. HOT!

Fish head noddle soup..taste not bad.

Jin Jin Seafood restaurant.

Gunter's German Restaurant

Special German Restaurant.

Eat as much you can from 6.30pm until 8.00pm.

These restaurant designed by the german boss himself.

Comfortable environment with design alike wine house.

Romantic environment for candle light dinner.

Nice place for couples chit chat with alcohol.

How about simple candle light table for just "you and me" ?

Gathering? You should choose these seats.

Cute bears at there. Gunter's restaurant provide two rooms for overnight.

Even it's toilet are decorated nicely with the theme of duck.

Finish with decoration show. Lets have a look on foods.

Roti Canai Chicken, the best among the promotion choices.

Pasta cream chicken, it taste quite nice but the pasta is too much for one person portion.

Pasta Bolognese, again the meat delicious but not the pasta. TOO MUCH PASTA!


It is situated at Lintas. A pretty expensive restaurant.

It's Halloween that day. Saw some party fellow dressing up like demon going to hang out in pub.

Lamb chop..I likes its salad and fries.

A weird recipe of chicken as western food. It makes me wish to eat it with a bowl of rice. However, I love its wedges.

A must ordered dessert at Party Play. Delicious but too much for one person.


I have been too KK for too many times until don't know what else to get. Thus, try on KK's Kenny Rogers. ><
My favourite muffin! YUM YUM!

Save money buy ordering sky juice.

Quarter BBQ sauce chicken chop with coleslaw, meshed potato and fruit salad as side dishes.

Baked cheese potato with coleslaw, baked red beans and fruit salad as side dishes.


Fresh soursop juice. Actually I prefer that soursop is not blended into smoothies.

Fresh grapefruit juice. It a bit bitter but it is nice. The location of this fresh fruit stall is not easy to be found. It is in front Giant Hypermarket which cannot be found with my phone GPS. Weird huh?!


Teh C Special..KK's milk tea is the best!

Nescafe Cham..hmm taste ok only.

Yoyo Cafe (Lintas Branch)

Milk pearl tea and yam milk pearl tea. The best I ever tasted!

Only Lintas branch has this mini croissant. There is two flavour which are original and chocolate.

One packet has 5 pieces.

Original croissant. YUMMY!

Chocolate croissant, it got chocolate filling. DELICIOUS!


A lot people queue up for 日船小丸子.

Busy making 小丸子.

It's box in boat shape. SPECIAL!

It's sauce taste just nice with the chili powder on top 小丸子. I just realized at 101 and 老李 (Kuching) got 日船小丸子 but it wasn't famous nor delicious. Even at 老李 there, the stall no longer opened.

Chicken Wing

YUM YUM! Nice chicken wing..should bought more ;p


This stall stituated just beside chicken wing.

Quite nice this 煎饺.

Famous Amos

Tempted by this cookies for long time. Take a snack with it. ><

I chosed Oatmeal with Cinnamon and raisin cookies and Chocolate Chip with Pecan Cookies.

Perdana Park Dancing Fountain

This is a small dancing fountain. At first I thought this is the dancing fountain talked by people in KK.

Amazing during the climax.

Eh?! Did I heard sentimental music..I turned my head around..and saw...



OH MY GOD! The fountain changed colour and pattern according to the song playing.

Then, I found a seat beside the fountain and get better shot. HURRAY!

LASTLY, greatly introduce you all the peak of the night

1 Malaysia song fountain pattern!



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