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Miri & Gua Niah trip @ Sarawak

Again..3 hours drive from Bintulu to Miri. Pretty tiring driving this way.

Taman Awam

View from the tower, got a small pond. Looks quite nice.

There is hanging bridge in the garden. Below there, is a small pond for kids to play. I wish there is a bigger pond for adults. Hehe

This dog sitting comfortably on the chair. 

Beautiful Beach

Beautiful sunlight.

A great place for relaxing.

Marina Bay

The wind at there very strong.

Seahorse, icon of Miri.

Mini City Fan

Main door of city fan.

Grand Old Lady

The Grand Old Lady is the first oil well in Malaysia.


Taste quite nice but too much vinegar.



QQ Cafe

Order from this stall.

粉干蛋. Taste super delicious!!

糟菜粉干...again the vinegar... @@

Delicious home cook dinner

Delicious home cook dinner by Siew Gin father everynight. Really miss it a lot.

Kuih Muih

All these kuih muih is made by Siew Gin's parent. Delicious! I miss it a lot.

Lastly, Gua Niah

Although Niah National Park is one of the smallest's national park in Malaysia, but it is certainly a must visit place in Miri. Around one and half hour form Miri using the new coastal highway. This new road a lot better than the old highway because the road like roller coaster.

Entrance to Gua Niah headquarter.

Register yourself at here. Student price, RM5.

Tickets for Gua Niah and a map is given. Anyway, I don't think anybody will get lost in there.

We have to take boat just to go over this small river. We need to pay RM1/way just to pass over this small river. Suck blood!!

Small jetty.

The view of the jetty after passed the river.

There is a small muzium.

A long walk to reach the cave from headquarter.

Ahem..wonder what are they doing?!

Spot the chameleon.

Reach a small cave first.


Finally, saw the rest house.

These are the equipments for collecting bird nest.

A long staircase. The staircase is quite slippery. Some of the staircase dark until you cannot see your fingers.

Isn't this beautiful? Alike fairy cave.

Hurray! Reach painted cave. Too bad those painting on the cave faded already.

Some of the painting outside the fence.

Kuching...We are coming!

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