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Journey Continue To Bintulu @ Sarawak

Continue....to BINTULU. Bintulu is a small province that can be finished exploring in one day.

Lunch at Farley Cafe

五味汤 taste nice! Got five types of ingredients inside.

Bintulu's 水果冰. Delicious!!

This 云吞面 should be the best I ever tasted in east Malaysia.

干盘 taste normal. As you can see..the soup is really hot!

Sarawak's laksa taste ok only. Kuching's laksa taste better.


Esplanade Bintulu

The river behind esplanade colour looks quite alike teh tarik colour. ><

Taman Tumbina Bintulu

This taman consist of various types of birds, crocodiles, snakes and also tiger, deer, and bear. Kind of worth for visit. Sadly, those animals in cages so no picture is taken.

Tanjung Beach

As you can see..the wind is very strong and the trees seem like going to be blown away.

The sea water quite black due to Bintulu is the state that producing natural gas.

Big coconut!!




The best Tune Hotel in East Malaysia

Front view of tune hotel. Nice!

Lets looks inside

Front desk.

Massaging chair.

Room's walkway

Comfortable beds.

For the first time I saw Tune Hotel provide fridge and reading table with chair.

Big television.

Safety box.

Beautiful lamp that light up the room.

星光, Sing Kwong

One of the mall in Bintulu calls Sing Kwong

小丸子 in front Sing Kwong. It is reheated using microwave oven only. Taste normal only.

Dinner at After Three

Kaya butter toast. Actually quite funny that we came so far to Bintulu to try After Three while there is After Three, After Two and After Seven in Kuching.

福州炒煮面. Taste quite nice actually.

铁板冬菇鸡丝面. Our friend ordered this and it looks tasty.

A temple that randomly picked to visit

Breakfast at 旺角

The monument commemorates the centenary of the first meeting of the council negri of Sarawak held at this site on 8th September 1867.


Hot coffee to warm up our day.

Claypot mee. Hmm..taste super normal..

港式萝卜糕..quite nice!

Nice kuih..too bad I don't know it's name.

Next destination : MIRI!!!


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