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Car Journey to Sibu from Kuching @ Sarawak

An adventures trip start from traveling from Kuching to Sibu. We took around 7 hours to reach Sibu. Thanks to the GPS system in my phone, we wasted our time rounding Kuching and haven enter the highway to Sibu. Luckily we brought broadband and laptop. Thus, Google map showed us that we should follow Kuching -> Serian -> Sri Aman -> Sarikei -> Sibu. 

The journey along the way to Sibu kind of boring!! Only tree, road and cars..zzzZZZ
The driver would not feeling boring, but the passenger would easily fall asleep ><
Recommend playing hot music and chit chat more. Haha!

After reach Sarikei, we decided to take a quick walk in Sarikei's town.

Sarikei Town

Rajang River is quite dirty. This river has caused Sibu flooding always once rainning.

Quite an antique Shell petrol station.

Sarikei iconic -> Pineapple

There is a new bridge that is built by private sector which connects Sarikei to Sibu. Last time, only one ferry provide the service to travel between these two places.

Pricing for this bridge. 

Reach Sibu

While waiting our friend (local tour) to arrive, lets take a photo with our car that brought us here. 
Thanks to Yan Yee for lending us the car.

Yum Yum Cafe

Having our first dinner at Yum Yum Cafe.

酱油干盘 taste very delicious compare to 白干盘.


云吞汤, a lot wantan in the soup. Yumyum!!

Due to our friend busy..thus we went to find food ourselves. But Sibu road kind of confusing. We ended up at another place.

King Yung Seafood


Mydin cook with red whine.


This cat straight away sit beside me after I tickle him/her.

The Tallest Building in Sibu

Wisma San Yan (三洋大厦)

This place is in front Wisma San Yan that big event always held.

Sibu's Iconic

Sibu's iconic is swan. Beautiful!!

Tapak Pasar Malam Sibu

This pasar malam is held everynight. A nice place to find snack at night.

Here are the corner selling chinese food while the other end selling malay food. Amazing huh? Malay and chinese stall aligned together.

烧卖,肉粽 & 面包夹肉


This stall sell pretty much of things.

Lok Lok

Different parts of pork selling there. Eww..

Various type of juices selling.

Hmm...This chicken rice looks not seductive enough..

Girl dress up sexily selling various type of alcohols.

Close at 10 o'clock.. TT

Breakfast with 鼎边糊

This is a very small shop at the back lane. Normally, we won't notice it. 
Note: This shop only provide can's drink.

Delicious 鼎边糊! The soup taste so nice. It warm up our stomach early in the morning.

Pet Shop

This pet shop is at nearby. Those poor dogs are forced to squeeze in a small cage. Pity!


There is a fishing competition that compete for whose get the heaviest fish.

Poor fish. These fish cannot be eaten. What for fishing them? and let them die for this stupid competition?

Top view on the pond.

Hanging bridge in the garden.

The highest spot of the garden.


Home cook 鸡汤面线 by our friend's parent.


The next day, our friend brought us to the restaurant he meant that we ended up wrong place.

沙律肉油条. I love this the most!!

Mydin 清炒. Love sarawak's mydin!




Wow! A lot of dishes for 3 persons.


水果冰 from 上海滩.

Delicious 水果冰 that makes us wonder why it cannot be found in west Malaysia and other place beside Sibu and Bintulu.

Breakfast at Good Luck Cafe

粿条干盘. Yummy! Although it looks plain, but it taste very delicious!


鱼丸米粉汤 is so nice to warm up our stomach in the morning. It is simple and delicious.

酱油云吞面 taste ok. I wonder why Sarawak's 云吞面 has to mix with chili sauce. Quite a weird combination.

The next journey ==> Bintulu

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