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Straits Quay - Delicious @ Penang

At Straits Quay, Penang, opens a restaurant called DELICIOUS. It became one of the Strait Quay hotspot. Personally, I felt it's food not so special except dessert.

Want to know my favourite DELICIOUS desserts?

Chocolate Brownie 
 (with Chocolate Sauce & Vanila Ice-cream)

This chocolate walnut cake is reheated before serving. The combination of warm cake with cold vanila ice-cream and surrounding with chocolate sauce taste just DELICIOUS!

Chocolicious Sundae 
(with fresh strawberries)

 This chocolate sundae comes with a lot fresh strawberry (a bit sour), salty biscuits and vanila ice-cream.


 Friendly advice: visit delicious just for delicious or order main course and have dessert share among friends. These two desserts is too much for two person consumption.

September 30th, 2014 Update: Strait Quay outlet has been closed.


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