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First Drive to Ipoh @ Perak

Boring of taking bus? Yup, so drive down to Ipoh for ONE DAY TRIP.
Early in the morning at 7.30am, depart from Penang and arrive at Phui Heng house around 9.30am.
Plan to eat at  明阁点心茶楼, but unfortunately it closed. Thus, changed to 富山茶楼 . However, it taste normal. Not impressive enough and the aunties quite rude on serving.



烧卖,虾饺, 芋角,萝卜糕 and tea (own brought tea leaf)

奇峰 - 豆腐花

This is the first drive through Taufu Fa eating place I ever had. You can just sit in the car wait them take order and then eat in the car. Special huh?!

WOW! This taufu fa so smooth! Delicious!


This chicken rice is a must eat in Ipoh. Recommend you share it with your friends if you come over Ipoh for food marathon. Big portion of rice!


This laksa stall situated in a coffee shop call 大树脚 due to a lot of trees in the coffee shop.

The specialty of this Ipoh laksa is that you can choose whatever ingredient you want and they will fried it for you. Then eat it with laksa.


I found this drink very special. Actually it taste quite alike dragon fruit juice.

Ipoh's most lovely TOUR GUIDE!!

南香茶室 egg tart closed already. No more EGG TART

This coffee shop situated just opposite 新源隆茶室 but too bad it no longer sell egg tart anymore. 

White Coffee & Teh Tarik

This hot white coffee very concentrated. However, cold one taste nice as well. Love it, (Thumbs up!)

Tour guides promoting Ipoh's white coffee

Whee Mun highly introduce this 18 floors flat every time visit ;p


河嘻 looks alike Penang 粿条汤, but ipoh's 河粉 is a lot smoother and a bit thinner. Like it a lot.


Slightlty sticky dessert but taste nice.


 Cold down our body with  清补凉 after a hot day trip. It is not recommended for anybody having period or pregnant because it is too cold for the body.


Opens from 6.30pm.

This is the greatest food of the day => 芽菜鸡 !! The chicken's sauce match so well with the chicken. The 芽菜 taste so fresh with the sauce and pepper. All these two combine with 河粉. PERFECT!

 Ipoh reknown biscuits

All these biscuits are must buy every visit to Ipoh. 

鸿记 - 萨骑马

These delicious biscuits price has increased enormously. RM5.40 now!

Sim Eng Heong

Always have to queue up to buy biscuits in this shop.

家央角 (Nice)

鸡丝莲蓉饼 + 咸蛋酥 (Quite nice)

钟汉元  (Chin Han Guan)

鸡丝莲蓉饼 (Meat Floss Lotus Paste Biscuits)
(Highly Recommend)

This is my favourite biscuits of Ipoh. You can choose this original 鸡丝莲蓉饼(Meat Floss Lotus Paste Biscuits) or 翡翠 (Pandan) /蛋黄 (Egg York).  

For further information, go to Chin Han Guan Website or visit facebook page

Stall 818 - Pamelo (Sweet & Sour)

Very scary when going to buy pamelo at here. Once you arrive, all the bosses of pamelo stalls stand straight waiting you in front their stall. Keep calling you and wanting you to taste their pamelo. Recommend you choose which stall you prefer and walk straight to the stall. Horrible!

These two pamelo taste nice. The sweet pamelo taste sweet and watery. However, most people prefer sour pamelo because it combine the sour and sweet taste.
Drove back Penang around 8pm. Great Appreciation to Phui Heng and Whee Mun as tours guide.

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