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Sour & Spicy Mee Hun Soup @ Sungai Ara, Penang

Update June 15, 2015: The have now moved to Sungai Ara Food Court.

How about you craving for something spicy and sour like Tom Yam, but something ess gravy like plain broth at the same time? This is where you should head for. An old coffee shop namely Mun Lock Hooi is located just opposite to Sungai Ara police station and a huge fruit stall with tones of banana hanging to the ceiling. Lots of FTZ employees love to visit there as they serve noodles and Zhu Cha during the lunch hour.

Crystal clear and piping hot sour and spicy mee hun soup (RM 7). First sip was very sour. I can see there are generous amount of chili padi added into the soup. Tomatos to sour the soup while lemongrass to enhance the soup's fragrance. Fried fish fillet didn't disappoint me though. Chinese cabbage and scallion were added too.

King of Mee (RM 5) came with scrumptious pork slices. The pork slices were well marinated and sent for deep fried. Although this might not be the best we have tried but definitely worth for a try.

Mun Lock Hooi Coffe Shop
972, Mukim 12, Jalan Tengah, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 9am-3pm (Closed on Tues)
Parking: Parking space in front Mun Lock Hooi coffee shop
Landmark: Sungai Ara Police Station
Map refer here.


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