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Pan Mee @ I Mum Mum, Penang

Penang doesn't havemuch great Pan Mee available. One of my favorite is at Hou Mei Yuan, Bukit Jambul (refer here), now I have found my new love at I Mum Mum. Their well known original shop is at fifth road, PDC Flat Weld Quay, but now they have been mushrooming to All Seasons, One Precinct and even Butterworth.  The one I have visited is at All Seasons, Air Itam. They serves little choice of Pan Mee and snacks with affordable price.

Spicy Pan Mee (RM 4.50) is one of their must try in the menu. I was expecting reddish pan mee like Malak Wantan Mee but its came with chili flakes instead. Squeeze the lime, and stir everything together. Love the extra freshness caming from the lime. We opted their finest noodle and enjoy it with the extra biting pleasure given by the crunchy anchovies and black fungus.

Pan Mee Soup (RM 4) came with pork minces and the rest of the ingredients are the same. It was kind of normal and it taste much better with their chili paste. Hand teared noodle looks more like machined made but the taste was overally great.

Mushroom Pan Mee Soup (RM 4), a very mushroomy dish. I personally think the mushroom's scent has overwhelmed the original broth's aroma. 

2 pieces of golden dumpling (RM 2), I would prefer the filling to be more stuffy but I enjoy the sweet sensation came from the broth.

Pork ball was nothing much to brag about but the chewy texture are there.

There are two kinds of sauce readied on each table, the black one is more towards the sweet side. For the red chili, don worry it is not spicy.

I Mum Mum Pan Mee 板面专卖店
6G-1-8, All Seasons Place, Air Itam 11500, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 11am-11pm (Weekday); 10am-11pm (Weekend & Public Holiday)
Parking: All Seasons Place
Landmark: Near Georgetown Pharmarcy
Map refer here.



  1. For pan mee,u should try the KL-type pan mee which is available at Face2Face noodles at Chowthye road. The taste is uncomparable to the pg-types

    1. Agree.. KL or Sabah type Pan Mee are still our favorite.. We have tried Face2Face at KL but unfortunately it tasted normal to us.. Have you tried JoJo pan mee?